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Knowing what to expect when you are working with a VA

A Virtual Assistant can be your best asset

What are you doing to figure out how to work best with your new employee?

A Virtual assistant hire can be confusing. As business owners we try to figure out how to cost effectively manage a staff and employment costs in the USA have increased without slowing down. The economy in the US has caused business owners to loose everything in some cases. You would be surprised how many business owners are sourcing employees as virtual assistants. While vetting the right agency it is important for you to know how the company operates. The owners of the company truly need to care about their placments.

Executive VA has the right group of professionals that you can outsource and build your business. You have to know how to run your business in and out to have the best results. Many companies fail at setting the right SOP's. Your current employees do what is asked of them to the best of their ability. What if you don't know what to teach them as a result of inexperience? You are a business owner who won't quit but you need to learn more about how to operate your business. We have many VA's that have masters in business administration. Call us today for more inoformation.

Social Media Management

Social media Management has timing and relative work flow that is important in each differnt social media category. Your social media if there is no engagement is a complete waste of time.

When you are in facebook, which by the way is the largest and best way to offer products and services on the web for free. Facebook is designed for posts and interaction. Now if you are an agency that is trying to save time, you can ruin your social because you opted in to a service that lets you manage most of these things from an outside dashboard. With a little research you will find that Facebook offers such scheduling features and also interaction through messenger that will be very helpful for followup in a somewhat limited capacity. What you will find is that someone being there to answer questions or concerns as a real person is what is importnat, pushing your business into the future. We would love to go into all the reasons why you need a social media manager, but let's save that for a reall one on one phone call.