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Your VA's can change your business. We will prove it to you.

Your business has many facets. You are the head of your business and you want things to run in a certain way.

Here is the way a Virtual Assistant can make your business pop. Changing everything that you though was not possible.

Most VA's want to carry out your instructions in a literal sense. If you need something doen, sure it will take a bit more explainging in the beginning, however the process will eventually in a short time frame be understood by this outsourced employee and carried out with likeness to how you would do it.

We find that very often there is a lot left to be interpreted. When working with a Virtual Assistant from Executive VA. We help the VA understand what you have conveyed and work with them to make immediate changes. After 30 Days we follow up and see how everything is going.

We will help you get there. Let's get on a call to discuss what you might be missing. Maybe someone just quit and you can't miss a step. We are here for any reason that you can think of. All you need to do is give us a call and we can go from there.

The key to running a business is refining the infrastructure and putting the neccessary tools in place to have an exemplary process to increase your business footprint and Build a team of VA's that carry out your instruction, in a literal sense.

You can win with setting the right expectation or you can win later by doing nothing. We all have choices, we know the Answers to this one!


Are you in the weeds? Are you overwhelmed by your business, not operating at its maximum capacity?

You can hire a SUPER VA that manages a staff of 3-5 people who have worked with each other for years and create strength where you might not already have it. A SUPER VA is someone who is knowledgeable and can work out the instruction when you just dont have time.

We can imagine that your labor costs are through the roof and you just don't have the right staff to amange a process. Outsorucing your labor to Executive VA is a snap. We will handle your payroll and taxation by running your new team through our process, while handling all the needed clerical issues that might show up.